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About Retail Advantage

In the late 1980’s as the retail environment began to be more and more competitive, retailers were looking for any and every advantage available to become more competitive.

Retailers new that 80% of buying decisions were made by the customer, in the store, at the self, that in-store point of purchase and merchandise signing were critical in capturing the customers business and more of it at every opportunity.

Recognizing the need retailers had for better in-store POP solutions, Retail Advantage Inc. (RAI) was founded with the objective to provide affordable, easy, turnkey, in-store merchandise signing solutions that would lift sales and cut costs.

RAI began delivering in-store print on-demand and display solutions to retailers in Canada, The United States and the Caribbean that produced leading edge POP at a fraction of the cost that retailers were spending on service bureaus or other methods in producing POP in-store.

For over 20 years, working with POS providers and printer hardware providers, RAI continues to develop and create print on-demand and display solutions that keep retailers competitive while reducing costs.

Moving into the pet industry

After establishing itself as an industry leader for retail stores signage solutions, Retail Advantage expanded its product and client base by becoming distributors for many of the top North American pet supply companies. By providing pet engraving machines and designer tags, leashes, and collars, Retail Advantage has become a go to supplier for both signage and supplies to many pet stores and vetrinarian clinics across Canada.

Retail Advantage continues to offer business in house solutions to their POP marketing needs. By supplying industry with the tools they require to manage their own signage, inventory, and POP displays, Retail Advantage gives other businesses peace of mind.