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 Stylus Headquarters

Stylus Headquarters (HQ) gives multi-store retailers an effective sign and label solution by combining headquarters control with in-store flexibility. It controls and distributes signs and labels created with the Stylus system. This gives multi-store retailers the ability to send print jobs to each site via modem or disk. Each site can print signs and labels using Stylus Sign & Label Works or Stylus QuickPrint. With Stylus HQ, chain stores benefit from the economies of site-level printing while maintaining centralized control over items, pricing and sign/label designs.

Sign and label print jobs are created and saved in the Print Job Manager at the core of the Stylus system. At anytime, the HQ user can transmit or print just one, several, or all the signs and labels in the Print Job Manager.

HQ is designed to be integrated with an existing retail management system. If the existing system maintains pricing by store or by zone, HQ can import this data in one of several common data formats. HQ has built-in modem communications and can import from existing network and mainframe systems.

HQ gives retailers the flexibility to easily create signs and labels for site and zone pricing, as well as pricing that's the same throughout the chain. HQ also accommodates a product assortment that can vary between locations. Exception files prevent duplicating every Item for every site. That's how HQ saves disk space and optimizes system performance.