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Stylus Express

Retail promotion and display software, made easy.

  • Fast and easy to learn and use
  • Just "Type & Print" using built-in, pre-designed page layout templates
  • Eliminates messy handwritten signs and labels
  • Powerful Designer for creating your own designs
  • Uses Nutrition information
  • Timesaving Print Manager for fast reprinting without re-entering text
  • Automatic Forms Management saves time and materials

    Sell more in-store and enhance store image with sharp, vivid signs, labels and posters. With Stylus Express software from Insignia, in-store printing is fast, easy and effective. Stylus Express includes many built-in designs. These professionally designed layouts are ready to use right away. Just type in your text and print. And, these templates will automatically scale to print in any size. To print a sign or label with Stylus Express, simply choose a template, type the product information into the template fields and then print. Signs and labels can be printed immediately or sent to the Print Manager for printing later, or saved for reprinting and editing. The Print Manager is also able to automatically sort print jobs at print time to minimize form changes and reduce waste.