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Stylus Select

Designed specifically for retailers by the world leader of in-store merchandising software solutions.

  • Create and print signs, labels, tags and posters quickly with the unique Enter Sign and Label function.
  • Easily uses the in-store database via ODBC for printing specific Item information.
  • Links external Item data and product features from the in-store database.
  • Request Manager for creating and storing multiple queries to the in-store database.
  • Site Manager for separating central print jobs by location.
  • Direct PostScript file printing for large shelf tag jobs.
  • Powerful Designer includes advanced design features for impact and design flexibility.

    With Stylus Select, retailers can easily and efficiently print signs, labels, tags, shelf talkers and posters in-store. It takes full advantage of the 32-bit Windows environment with easy-to-use pull-down menus, time-saving toolbars, full mouse support, and on-line help. Select includes ODBC capabilities for attaching to ODBC compliant in-store databases such as Access®, FoxPro®, Informix®, Oracle®, SQL Server®, and more. This allows users to directly access any information in their in-store database for sign and label printing. Stylus Select can also be used to link Item data from an external database to local Item information, such as product features, for printing.

    Stylus Select includes a Request Manager that creates and stores pre-defined queries for data from the in-store database. These queries, or requests, may be set up as icons on the store user's desktop, which simplifies the Item-gathering and printing process to a one-click operation. The powerful Stylus Designer allows users to create their own unique Designs, which can include any field existing in the external database in addition to any local fields set up by the user. Designs can be automatically sized for printing on any type of media, from labels to posters.

    Stylus Select has been developed specifically for retailers by Insignia Systems Inc. Insignia is the in-store merchandising leader, and helps over 30,000 retail customers compete and merchandise more effectively every day.